Here's How to Build and Scale Your Blog the Right Way
So You Can Attract Millions of Loyal Readers
And Generate A Six Figure Passive Income Stream
Working From Anywhere In The World,
On Any Kind Of Schedule You Want...


Do you want to finally make the jump from part time to full time blogger?

Do you want to scale your side hustle so you can live and work anywhere?

Would you like to earn an extra $2,000... $5,000... $10,000… even $20,000 or more per month from your blog?

Hi this is Grant Sabatier from

For a while now, people have been asking all kinds of questions about how they can take their blogs from just a part-time side hustle… and scale it up to the point where they can make a six- figure income from it.

So I teamed up with Bobby Hoyt from and we decided to peel back the curtain and share the exact step-by-step plan we’ve used to take our blogs from simple side projects to…

Blogs That Earn Multiple Six Figures Of Passive Income A Year 

Bobby and I are full time bloggers who reach millions of people each month and make six figures a year blogging. Last year I made over $400,000 directly from my blog and Bobby earned just over $100,000... in January alone.

Over the past 3 years (we both launched our blogs in 2015) we have reached over 10 million people with our blogs. And collectively we’ve been featured in The New York Times, on CNBC, on NPR and in over 200 different international media sources.


In 2015 Bobby was a high school band teacher making $40,000 per year and now just 3 years later he’s on track to generate $1 million in revenue online. In 2015, I made $1,000 off of my blog total in the entire year. But now I make more than $1,000 A DAY from my blog.

Did it take some work?


Did we have to struggle a bit?

Of course.

But the thing is, Bobby and I are NOT special. We both started at zero. But we figured out a system that anyone can use to grow their blog to the point where you can earn multiple six figures working on your blog for a few hours each day.

So many people ask us how we’ve done it.

They want to know what we had to do to make a six-figure income from blogging… and they also want to know how are we both on track to generate over $1 million each this year with our blogs.

These are great questions and we’ve both been so busy building our blogs... we haven’t had much time to teach others how to grow their own blogs. 

So over the past few months we thought hard about how we could best teach other bloggers how to reach the next level. 

This Is How We Can Help You Grow Your Blog So It Starts Earning You Money
As Quickly As Possible

We thought about offering a course to show you how, but then we asked ourselves… what would be a “dream come true” for the blogger who’s starting to get some traction but really wants to accelerate their growth?

We realized that the best possible solution would be to teach our systems and strategies in a small group setting… where we could offer one-on-one feedback, guidance and direct coaching so that each student not only gets the knowledge they need… but also the feedback, accountability and support to make this dream a reality.

We have both successfully coached individual bloggers one on one. And our students have went on to create some incredibly successful blogs. But we want to help a bigger group of bloggers achieve this same outcome.

So we asked ourselves… how could we offer this personal coaching and support to more bloggers who want our help?

The answer was clear.

We needed to create a mastermind.

We needed to create a tight knit community of bloggers who we could help and could help each other get to the next level.

So after months of planning, strategizing, and building, we are so stoked to start accepting students into…

The Millennial Money Blogging
And Personal Brand Mastermind 

We are opening up spots for our mastermind to a select group of bloggers. 

These spots will go fast. and we don’t know if or when we are going to open the group again. 

This is such a new idea… and we are deeply dedicated to building a super high-quality community where we get to personally work with each and every student who joins.

And yes, we will actually be working with you in the mastermind. 

We aren’t going to pawn off the support to a coach. 

This is a platinum level mastermind where we will work with you closely… giving you the guidance, feedback and instruction you need to grow your blog as fast as humanly possible.

Here's How It Works 

This course is for bloggers in any niche. The blueprint is comprehensive and actionable. The format is simple.


There is a private group where we share our part time to full time blogger blueprint and strategies, a private discussion group for mastermind members where we will actually be hanging out and answering questions, and a monthly webinar on one of the 12 steps to make the transition from full time to part time blogger.


All twelve monthly webinars will be available live... and then available to watch whenever you like, on-demand (if for some reason you can’t join us for the live recording).


We will also be adding videos on other topics and invite other full-time bloggers to share their strategies with you each and every month.

This is a 6-month mastermind that we plan to keep going for many years to help you grow and keep making more and more money as a blogger. We are in this for the long haul and are stoked to help you make a ton of money. 

Here's How To Join 

While you might be thinking that making $10,000 or more a month blogging seems impossible, it’s definitely achievable if you put in the world. While it’s a ton of work, there are many shortcuts and strategies that we will show you to get you to five figures a month as quickly as possible.

If this sounds good to you, and you’d like Bobby and I to help you grow your blog and your income over the next twelve months… then click the button below to grab a spot while they’re still available. After you join, you’ll receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Put us to the test! Use our product for up to 14 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the product for a full refund.

Just drop us a line at to take advantage of our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


This is a legit mastermind. We are bringing together some of the best up and coming bloggers in the game. But we only have capacity to work with a select group of bloggers, so don’t wait if you want in. 

Seriously this is gonna fill up fast, so move fast so you don’t miss out.

See you inside,

Grant & Bobby

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